Friday, 20 March 2009


I had to roll in the white line markings on the football field so TJam took my pic.

Then she tried to snap our friend Eddie. Eddie is not a poser of professional standards yet...

...but he is getting there. He's only a pup yet.

- by Chips on the move ...


Marvin said...

oh we have lots of those "not posing" pictures!

Did you enjoy the rolling in the white lines? Do you have stripes now?

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxx

Happy Weekend!

ps we may be quiet now for about 3 weeks as my J is going to Australia next Friday, once she is back we will catch up with all your news!

Drab said...

Fox Poo!, Eddie needs introducing to that delight, he'll soon get the knack of that, ooooooh i can feel it now, lurvly.

Nancy x

Yeah, well keep on your own bed and stop off mine you stink!


Chips said...

Mack - hope your Jeannie has a good trip and you don't miss her too too much!

N & S: oooo fox poo. NOW you're talking! mmmmmm