Sunday, 8 March 2009

Early Shower

I had to take an early shower on my walk this weekend. My poorly leg is back. I gaze sadly at what is so near yet so far. Meanwhile Chips disappears off over the horizon.


Marvin said...

oh dear, where did you poorly leg go while it was away!

I hope it gets better soon, sometimes I get a 'dead' leg and everyone here falls about laffing at me as I walk funny!

I never get much sympathy! It happens when I sleep on it.

love from Marvin xxxx

Beanz said...

oh dear Marvin. Dead legs are not funny! Well, only to humans. My poorly leg went back onto my body so I didn't even notice it was there, and then all of a sudden I noticed it again and I had to limp. I am back up to 45 mins with only minimal limp, so I'm gonna work through it this time and see if that works better than resting (which did not make it go away). Still I've got another 3 legs, so all is not lost eh?