Tuesday, 10 November 2009


How have I not discovered the airing cupboard before now? I have years of lounging in a fully heated penthouse to catch up on.


Drab said...

Hmmm that is strange, your airing cupboard must be faulty does Tjam not know that airing cupboards are designed so that when you open them everything falls out?
You need special SAS training in order to chuck stuff to the top of the pile, shield yourself from falling articles and try to close the door in one movement.......Is this just ours....?


Anonymous said...

I just assumed it had all fallen down when carlsberg jumped up! NO airing cupboard is that empty...unless all the clean clothes have been used and there are no clean ones to replace them yet. No..that wouldn't be it....or would it? DG

Drab said...

I am relieved to learn that we are not the only household with a health and safety warning on the door, poor patches could never get to the top of ours, she'd be flattened by falling towels, have to be 2inch tall to be able to fit between the top of the pile and the roof or she'd suffer nose bleeds due to the altitude!

Max is still here, he is going up for adoption after his last vaccination, we will all miss him especially Patches they are best buddies!


Marvin said...

oh my, we don't have such a wonderul heated penthouse, I am so jelly!

lotsalicks, Marvin xxxx