Saturday, 28 November 2009


Today I have been doing some public volunteering and I went on Parade at a Christmas Festival. I was pretty proud to represent Pets As Therapy and I even wore a coat, even though I am not a big fan of the coat. I prefer to be in my birthday suit. I behaved like an angel (hahahah) and in return, children fed me treats and patted my head. The only injustice was that when Chips stayed home, she got to have a kong stuffed with cat food. By the time I got home, it was well empty.

And now, I am knocking out a few Zzz in front of the fire.


Mack said...

You are a true hero!

Anonymous said...

yes, but you got all those treats. I bet Carls isn't complaining 'cos she didn't get anything at all but worse than that, it was her food Chips was eating! Cats don't do they? DG

Marvin (oh and Jeannie!) said...

I was assessed for Pets as Therapy, and I passed the test! Well done you, Beanz!

Reason I didn't do it, was because my J looked after her Pa for a long time, and visited him when he was in a home.

all our choices were for visiting elderly people in retirement homes, and my J just couldn't face going through it all over again.

I was approved, and one day, when my J feels better about things emotionally (you know how emotional these humans can be!) she will take it up again.

Pets As Therapy is a truly wonderful organisation.

Well done you!

lotsaluv Absent Marvin xxxxxxxxxxx

Jeannie said...

I could not bear the thought of getting attached to someone......and then losing them, all over again.

Sadly it was too soon, far too soon. Far too soon after losing my Pa.

Marvin was such a good dog with it all as well.

I am full of admiration for Beanz and you, doing something so brave.

Beanz is so handsome, he reminds me so much of our boy, Marvin xxxxxxxxx

Jeannie xxxxx

Beanz said...

Mack: not a hero, I have a great time (although it is quite warm in there!)

DG: Carls didn't mind. She gets more food than all the dogs

Marvin: I bet you are lovely with people. When the time is right you will have a fab time. I know about humans being emotional. Me, I just get on with it. And try to eat any crumbs.

Jeannie: sorry about your Pa. Hope you can feel ready soon. maybe Marvin and I share lineage a way back...