Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Today TJam has been doing some scanning. She has been considering her doggy influences. In the 70s people did not go with Deed not Breed or anything similar. They kept kids in cages and let the dogs run free. It was safer that way. You can never trust a child. When the kids were wise and trustworthy enough, they were allowed out.

Were dogs more long suffering in those days? I don't know. Old Hans certainly got his fair share of cuddles. His least favourite game was reinacting Belle and Sebastian, when he had to pretend to rescue TJam (Sebastian) from an avalanche. If it had been real life, TJam would have frozen to death. Hans was not big on role play.

In the 80s Remus made his entrance. It took him a while to grow into his ears and this pose did influence some of my own, later work. I call it "Sand on Nose."



So it would seem, TJam's earlier influences affected her choice of dog companions, and that these dogs' work has rubbed off on us. The bin raiding and junk eating we made up for ourselves and we would be proud to pass it on to any future generations.


Mack said...

What a cute puppy your mom was!!

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh love your wonderful ears!!

Also liked looking at the old photos too!

I am not big on role play either, also not good at fetching.

They keep throwing sticks for me, and I chase them, but never bring 'em back. The dog walk is now littered with abandoned sticks.

love from Marvin xxxxxxx