Saturday, 2 January 2010


Today is the day that TJam allows herself a brief moment of unadulterated reminiscing. Every year she has to spell check that word...

Anyway, today, TJam is going to remember a comedy incident involving a certain female tan crossbreed as featured in the following, youthful photo of TJam and Bamgee.

One day, Jump and TJam were staying in London Town with TJam's mum, whom we shall give the Spy Name of "Brazil". Brazil was looking forward to her lunch: two pieces of mackerel on toast and a cup of tea.

When the food portion was put on the table, lunch looked a lot like this:

Jump was nowhere to be seen.

Brazil turned around to pick up her cup of tea, and when she turned back to eat her lunch, lunch looked a lot like this:
Jump was still nowhere in sight. Not a crumb on the table or floor. The only explanation was that a whole piece of makerel on toast had magically and completely disappeared.

A true professional and dog after my own heart. Ladies and gentlemen, I doff my cap to Jump the Dog.


Mack said...

My hero.

TJam said...

mine too Mack. Mine too.

Anonymous said...

She was a character! I am sure that she is wrecking havok in doggie heaven too!

Jeannie said...

that is such a lovely tail (oooops should have written Tale!)

Such a skilled dog, very much worth doffing your cap to dear Jump the Dog. Who obviously lived up to the name!

Jeannie xx