Monday, 9 August 2010

Not Enjoying Rubber Ducks

Usually I take every opportunity to sneak upstairs, where I am stricty NOT ALLOWED. There is cat food up there. It might go off if I didn't tidy it up every now and again.

However, I am not so happy about it when I am on the lead and TJam TAKES me up the stairs. That can only mean one thing...

I don't know why she does this to me.
I am only wearing a little amount of eau de fox poo.
See? Nothing came off me. It was hardly worth the effort.


Anonymous said...

a little drop of eau de clean never did anyone any harm .. unless your a cat .. or a paper flower or a biscuit ..or a camp fire.......... Anyway, I bet you get a lot of nice cuddles now, well, when TJam's memory fades a bit! DG

Mack said...

I don't understand why TJam thought you needed a bath???

ForPetsSake said...

Much love to you and tagged you with an award!