Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ornamental Cabbage

When TJam came home from work, there was something very wrong (see exhibit 1). I played dead so she would know it wasn't me...

Exhibit I

TJam said, "Oops, did you knock that over with your tail? I should have remembered to put it back up on the side out of your way!" (at least, that's how I remember it. Or she may have gone, "(*&^% what are they doing on the floor?! but I prefer my version best)

So I pulled my best, "Oops, it's just one of those things right? not a problem?" face... (exhibit II)

Exhibit II

However, on closer inspection (exhibit III), it became apparent that the ornamental cabbages had not only "fallen over", but had most definitely been chewed up. There is only one possible culprit and (thanks to regular video evidence) it is not me.

Exhibit III
So, not only am I innocent, but Chips is very very guilty. Which puts me even higher up the "who's a good dog" scale than she is! Yay!


Hailey said...

oooohh oohh!!! Run and hide!!!

Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

Drab said...

The camera doesnt lie, (except when it adds weight or does make ya bum look THAT big)Take the shame Chips, ya cant even eat the evidence as you'll still get found out, the joys of cleaning up after a dog!


Anonymous said...

You should be praised for eating up your greens. Most humans have to stay at the table till they've eaten theirs! DG