Saturday 28 August 2010

New Home

We are just admiring Bready's new home. Our favourite bit is the garden. And being allowed upstairs just this once.

Friday 27 August 2010

I've Been Framed

No, it's not some comedy video clip (anyway, we have the dubious honour of being rejected by You've Been Framed... must dig out that clip of Carlsberg falling off the settee...)

I wondered why Chips leaped out of bed when she heard TJam coming down the stairs this morning. Leaving me handling stolen goods that I did not steal, even though it looks like I did.

Luckily, TJam knows that, whatever else I DO do, I am not big on stealing utensils off the counter. Foiled, Chips. You can't pin this one on me.

Thursday 26 August 2010

Ice Cream? In THIS weather?

A few days ago, we met TJam's oldest friend, Towny Farm, TF's beautiful children, Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate and lil Blue Algae Boy (that's their spy names, not their actual names of course).

We went a nature reserve, and it was pretty nice when we all set off.

As there were 3 children and 2 dogs, we seriously needed some doggy maths. That does not make a whole number, so we needed the 5 minute timer to make sure everyone got a turn at holding me (and they had to put up with Beanz too haha).

Of course, we had a downpour. It is the British summer after all.

Once we had gone all the way round the lake, it was time for light refreshment. TJam suggested ice cream and Ice Cream agreed. Towny Farm and Hot Chocolate looked horrified, did a double-take and gasped, "In THIS weather?!"

After the ice cream the humans needed a hot chocolate to warm up!

Meanwhile, I posed on the decking with Blue Algae. He was very good at walking me.

Beanz sat and looked out over the lake. I think she was secretly dreaming of chasing those ducks, but dogs have to stay on the lead in a nature reserve...

Monday 23 August 2010

Humans Go Ape

TJam has pretty much highjacked my blog today.

At the weekend, she and Bready left us dogs to guard the house, and then they went off and had loads of fun. They did not take us because they said we would not have enjoyed it. On this occasion, I concede they are right. TJam says thank you Bready for a fab birthday present...

Thursday 19 August 2010

Public Safety Announcement

As per Beanz's "falling in the canal" post, I would like to make a public service announcement.
This is how you should walk along the canal bank.
We have all learned her lesson.

Stay away from the edge, or you might fall in here.

You can't really get out unless you have a strong human to hand
(which luckily we had).

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Oh We Do Like to be Beside the Seaside

We went for a lovely walk with Dr Noisette and Mr Jeep (his spy name is open to suggestion). I have to tell you that there were hundreds of RABBITS that I was not allowed to chase, even when they ran right across the path in front of me. We also saw a llama and loads of cows (that I was also not allowed to chase).

Here, we pose with our lovely human friends.

We took a picture of us in front of a typically English shelter kind of thing that they have on beaches. The dog poo bin features too!
(I look very alert because there was a piece of stale bread just next to the shelter. I was hoping to double back for it but I didn't get the chance.)

You may notice that, even though it is August, TJam is wearing a winter coat. Yes, it is that warm. NOT.

TJam had a go at cooking though, as a gift for Dr N and Mr J. No one got food poisoning, so that's a bargain. Banana muffins. The smoke alarm didn't even go off.

In other news, TJam has lost the remote control for the TV. If anyone has seen it, we would love to hear from them.

Monday 9 August 2010

Not Enjoying Rubber Ducks

Usually I take every opportunity to sneak upstairs, where I am stricty NOT ALLOWED. There is cat food up there. It might go off if I didn't tidy it up every now and again.

However, I am not so happy about it when I am on the lead and TJam TAKES me up the stairs. That can only mean one thing...

I don't know why she does this to me.
I am only wearing a little amount of eau de fox poo.
See? Nothing came off me. It was hardly worth the effort.

Friday 6 August 2010


When TJam lays down, I look much bigger.
The rugby pitch looks much wonkier.

And the clouds are just cool. Although does this mean it is not long dry?

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Some Days

Some Days I am not interested in the recycling and some Days I just am.

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Busy Weekend

We have had an excellent weekend camping.

We met up with TJam's old friend Cazza. She is in a similar league in the "leave it where you drop it" stakes...

Us dogs were especially happy when Cazza said we should sleep in the middle of the tent, with the humans on the outside, so that everyone could cuddle us! Imagine that!! (TJam says to notice her halo in this picture)

The humans went to the chip shop for their starter, and then to the curry house for their actual dinner.

They didn't take any pans along, so they couldn't heat up the left overs for breakfast. I hoped we might be in with a chance to help, but they just ate it cold.

Then we went for a very long walk, all day long.

We were exhausted when we got back, truth be told. However, today we made up for it. I broke the catflap and Chips ate a punnet of tomatoes and weed on the kitchen floor. Result.