Monday, 27 November 2006

Barn Owl

Today at work, I had a Barn Owl on my shoulder. It was just amazing. Just amazing. The man from the Owl Sanctuary was visiting and doing a demonstration. He said, "Here, hold this" and next thing, I was holding Paulie the owl. She was so soft and light, and her huge claws didn't hurt at all. And she was right next to my face.

I remembered the book, "Plop, the Owl who was afraid of the Dark"

Wow. Owls are amazing.


La Grande Dame said...

Owls are amazing - my cousin used to rescue them. Ollie decided to stay and lived in the house. He would climb up legs by way of claws in tights/trousers, then sit on knees, wink and then poo. As I said owls are amazing alright!

Anonymous said...

I have just learned that a group of barn owls is called a "parliament". M.

Tamsin said...

M. you never cease to amaze me.