Friday, 10 November 2006

Exotic Town

I have noticed recently, a disproportionate number of Exotic Pet Shops in Our Town. I have seen 3 today. There is one almost everywhere you go. Admittedly, one was a front for a drugs trade, but no sooner had that one shut down than a new one opened just down the road.

Clearly exotic pet shops are vital. In one central parade of shops today, it went:

Launderette, Off Licence, Mr Chan's Chinese Takeaway, Pizza Shop, Bookmakers, Sweet Shop, Exotic Pet Shop (tortoises, reptiles, parrots...). The greengrocers has closed down. It's interesting where priorities lie, especially in the high-rise part of town.

In other news, we met Lynda, clicker lady today, who said the dogs have come on. And so have I. So that's good news :)


la Grande Dame said...

Shouldn't there be two "t's" in admittedly.

TJam said...

and shouldn't there be no apostrophes in "t"s?

Anonymous said...

nice one T.