Thursday, 12 April 2007

I Won Something - by Beanz

I did my trick at dog training tonight and I won a prize. Well, actually, I did the trick and TJam won the prize. There's something wrong there but she isn't complaining. And since the prize is chocolate, she isn't letting us dogs anywhere near it.

In my acceptance speech I would like to thank my agent and all those people who TJam pinned down and forced to watch me practise. And I would like to thank my teachers and friends at class.

Here we all are, working hard. TJam took her camera, so if you click here, you can have a look at all our photos of our tricks and the egg and spoon race (which I did not win). I am particularly impressed with Archie on the skateboard. If you have any problems with the slideshow link, or if you want to order copies of any of the pictures to be delivered to your door, you can view the album here.

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gail said...

Hi tamsin,

i must say that i find your 'Jump the dog'very, very entertaining. I am quite impressed that my sarcastic comments haven't been mentioned!! maybe i should try harder!! see you thursday,