Tuesday, 17 April 2007


I always thought that toast tasted nicer at Grandma and Grampy's house (when we stayed over and had breakfast in our home made nylon dressing gowns) because Grandma buttered it and then we had sugar on top.

However, I think it was actually because the toast had stood in the toast rack (remember a toast rack?) and was cold when it was buttered.

If you leave your toast to cool before buttering and jamming/marmalading (have I just invented two new verbs?) it tastes like a completely different breakfast. How is that possible? I have no idea. Leave your answers in the comments section please.

Incidentally, Chips was going to be called Toast but then I changed it to Chips.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect it tastes different on cold toast because that allows the solid butter to stay on the stop and mixed together with marmalade/jam it creates a combined flavour. It was also pre-vegan days when butter was delicious!