Monday, 16 April 2007


TJam always says I should share nicely. So today I put my nose up to TJam's face and she felt little footsteps promenading on her cheek. Six little footsteps. Yes, I had shared a flea that I had picked up from something dead in the woods. I only shared one. I kept the other six for myself. TJam did not wait for the Frontline to kick in. She shared the flea comb with me and broke her vegan principle of "Do not kill"

I bet you a dog biscuit that you, dear reader, have scratched your head while reading this post.


Tamsin said...

Dear Chips

Don't you know there are some things you just should not admit to? Fleas are one of them.

Also, do you know why Beanz has spent the whole evening in the garden? Has she gone off us?


Chips said...

Dear Tamsin

I have no idea why Beanz does any of the things she does. Why does she run away from wet washing that is ready to hang out?

While I have your attention, could you stop shouting, "There's another one!" and pinning me to the ground while you comb me. It is not relaxing and it is not good for my sensitive nature.

Thank you

from Chips

Anonymous said...

better check with your holiday home because i suspect the fleas are not invited. A 'you're welcome anytime' probably applies only to you and not any small six legged friends.