Tuesday, 1 July 2008


- by Carlsberg

It's all been going on around here. As you know, I have been incarcerated in the house for the last 7 months. For my own safety apparently.
So, TJam's dad came up and put some spectacular netting around our fence to keep me in and my mortal enemies out. It took him 2 weeks!
And here we have it, my first minute of freedom:When TJam home from work, she found me basking in the waste honeysuckle, waiting to go in the green bin.
And finally a short film to express my joy:


Drab said...

WOW your one well loved cat!
and the bonus is no more bird poo on the washing.


Mack said...

Congrats on your freeedom!

You have very lovely markings

Carlsberg said...

It's true, Julie, I am loved. But then, I am lovable too (especially when I catch a mouse and drop it on the bed in the middle of the night or set a rabbit free in the kitchen).

Thank you Mack. You are beautifully marked yourself.

Meep said...


Beanz said...

Hi Meep! She's cute until she ambushes us dogs late at night when we go for an innocent wander into the garden. Not so cute when she's hanging off my neck with her teeth sunk into my cheek I can tell you.

Meep said...

What kind of dog do you call yourself my friend? What's wrong with barking furiously and showing her who's boss? :o)

Carls would enjoy it here i think - we are surrounded by boxes. You can send her here if you get too fed up!