Sunday, 20 July 2008

Good News or Bad News?

- by TJam

When you have been away for the weekend, it is quite a jolt to hear your (lovely and very appreciated) house and animal sitter say, "Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?"

In true, optomistic style, I opted for the bad news first.

But first you need to know Rules of the House
1. You shall close the stairgate when the dogs are unattended (see here)
2. You shall not leave food items without a cupboard, especially not dark chocolate, which I think we have mentioned, is poisonous to dogs.

"Well," said my lovely housesitter, who we shall call "Mum" for the purpose of this story. I nipped up the shops and I forgot to close the stairgate. Um. I had some dark chocolate in my bedroom.

So what was the good news?

Well, this time, it was only two and a half times a fatal dose, which is really small fry compared with last time. and it was caught in good time and not 6 hours later.

"Mum" had recognised the MO and Beanz and Carlsberg were immediately dismissed as suspects. Not an item of clothing was creased, and yet a bar of chocolate had disappeared from inside its "good as new" wrapper from the bottom of a suitcase. There was only one guilty party in the running.

Luckily, Nero's pal drove a transportless "mum" and Chips to PetMedics, the after hours vet where our vet-phobic canine friend spent an hour in the surgery, throwing up. Ah, the miracles of modern medicine. When they checked in, the vet asked, "Does a cat called Carlsberg live at that residence?"

The shame.

Chips came home none the worse for wear. If a little hungrier.

And so, there is lots of good news. Chips has survived her 2nd bout of chocolate poisoning. I will be updating my info-sheet for future dog-sitters.

And no one will ever leave food not in a cupboard again.

PS I had a good weekend away, if you were wondering. All the better for coming home to the 3 living pets I left on Friday ;)

PPS My first question was, "Did you get a photo?" but Mum is not a professional blogger, and put Chips's health as her first priority.


Mack said...

We are so glad you are ok.
Yikes - that was a close one!

Chips said...

Hey Mack

I'm fine.

Just insulted that I was prime suspect. Why does everyone think I'm the only thief around here?!

And a bit put out by the making me throw up thing. One minute I was fine, the next I was down the vet. And some people saying something about, "it's for your own good"

Drab said...

its just so delicious that chocolate stuff, when i came to live with my family, it was just before christmas last year and i went thru a dish of cadbury hero's that were left on the hearth,i was at it for about 15 minutes stealing 1 and taking it outside taking the paper off and eating it, it was a slow job but well worth the effort......until i got caught.


Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Phhheeewwwww - that was a close shave! I'm glad eveything turned out OK though....

Chips said...

Sam: I know! I do like your stealthy style. Perhaps that is something I could try myself. If only there was any milk chocolate around here. The dark stuff is delicious but I'm starting to wonder if it's worth the hassle. (What am I saying?! Of COURSE it's worth the hassle!)

Graham & Team: thank you! I'm glad to. I've got plenty more tricks up my sleeve... Hope you are doing ok.