Monday, 14 July 2008

What's a Mini Trampoline For?

by Beanz
I have discovered a better use for a mini trampoline: Very comfy.


Mack said...

ooh we could have such fun on that thing - jumping on it then eating it!!

Drab said...

Is T jam such an unpleasant sight bouncing around on that so much, that you have to lay on it so she cant get on, do you do relay - lay on's with chipz just to make sure!

Nancy & Sam
(the ironings gone down a bit)

Beanz said...

Yes Mack. I recommend it. Not the eating part though. It is quite metalic. Not really my tast, but now that you mention it, that padded bit does look quite exciting...

N&S: It's the noise really, and the fact that we aren't invited on. She's all like, get away, I might kick you. Her star jumps aren't that good! Congrats on the ironing. TJam just hangs it straight in the cupboard.

I also like sitting on the trampoline while TJam bounces gently. Not too high though.

Drab said...

premature congrats on the ironing,i hadn't gone down at all it had just fell over!


Chips said...

Aww what a nasty shock that must have been. Beanz has got a phobia about washing so TJam just uses that as an excuse. A pretty good one too. Couldn't you ask Nancy or Sam to develop a convenient phobia like that?