Thursday, 26 July 2007

A Different Tack

- by Beanz

After TJam had dragged herself out from the cupboard under the stairs, huffing, "I'm *&^ing sick of this. Either catch it and eat it or DON'T CATCH IT but don't *&^%ing play with it", she decided to take a different tack. Perhaps Carlsberg needs to be asked nicely. She hadn't thought of that.

There was much searching of paper and a thick felt tip pen. Blue tack was vital for the plan (other sticky putties are available).

And here I am trying to examine the finished result. There will be no more mice in this house.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think you might find Carlsberg more influenced by the niceties of a request by adding "please" to that order. I know I'm absolutely adamant that anything even remotely resembling a command should be treated with utter contempt and therefore ignored. However, the only surefire way of success is to remove her access point so that you can vet her companions before you let her in. I have no such freedom of access myself (I'm trying not to be bitter about that and if I wasn't so bitter I probably wouldn't be helping you) so I have to eat them before I come in. Don't let Carlsberg read this and pass it on to Tamsin. Yours anonymously (alias Dizzy)