Monday, 2 July 2007

Pipkins anyone?

As it was time to leave work, I stood up and said, "It's time......" which set off a flashback of clock faces flashing in front of my eyes and a vaguely uneasy feeling. As I let the experience wash over me, I remembered Hartley Hare, Octavia, and Pig (who had a Brummie accent and what I now know to be hypernasility).
When I got home, I googled Hartley Hare and discovered that my memory was that of Pipkins, the children's tv programme, which I watched during the 70s. It's not often one that pops up in those, "do you remember...." conversations.
I was feeling a little nervous as I scrolled down the page. Hartley Hare used to make me jump and frankly, I admit it, I was scared of him. Scared in that excited kind of way. No, who am I kidding? I was terrified.
When I saw the pictures, a steel dagger twisted in my heart. And is it any wonder?! look at the hare! look at the MONKEY. I'd clearly blocked the Monkey out of my mind and I wish is had stayed that way.
If you want to share my experience, click here and scroll down. If you remember Pipkins, please leave me a comment.
(Die hard fans can look at the Official Pipkins site. There's more information, but less barefaced terror).

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