Thursday, 26 July 2007


- by TJam

Gail is my dog training teacher. She likes to make sarcastic remarks in lessons in the hope that they will get reported back on this blog. I have always worked on the dog training principle of "ignore the undesirable behaviour and reward the desired behaviour". I apply this to people too (but not to cats because you can't ignore a mouse running down towards your duvet at 3am even though it definitely qualifies as "undesirable").

If I mention Gail's sarcastic remarks, I will be rewarding them and they will continue. Statistically I therefore put myself at risk from public humiliation. If I ignore them they will get more intense in an effort to get them blogged. Same problem. What a dilema.

So, I am going to train an alternative. We need to think of a catchphrase for Gail. Leave your suggestions here. Currently in the lead is, "I said SIT, there was no "h" in it". We had a fairly dramatic additional h this evening. It certainly made me glad I feed dry food (less bulk, as they say).

Now Gail, you can work on your catch phrase. (and you'd better leave me a comment!)

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TJam said...

ah but they can leave the comments anonymously.

and just think. If that £1 (that our dogs have to lay down on - closest to the coin wins) makes the class more fun, how much MORE fun it would be for £2. hahaha.