Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Mousy Un-Fun

By TJam

I am a bit tired this morning. The cat started jumping around the house at about 3.30am. I thought nothing of it.

5:03am I thought I felt Carlsberg's tail brush against my face. When I reached up to feel, there was no body, no legs and no head. In fact, there was no Carlsberg at all. There was also a noise of something small running over my pillow and past my ear. It sounded like a jumpjet.

5:24am The trap is set and full of peanut butter. I can only assume the mouse is camped out under my immovable wardrobe. Best case scenario: the mouse saunters into the trap and I release it. Worst case scenario: The mouse spends several nights dancing on my bed, gets trapped under my covers, chews through my electrics, then, weak with hunger and thirst, it retires under my wardrobe where it carks it and the smell permeates the whole house for weeks. I have a nervous breakdown.

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