Sunday, 13 January 2008

Back Porch Activity

- by Chips
There has been a lot of Back Porch Activity today. At first I went out to watch but it was a bit cold so I left TJam's dad out there, doing his thing.

Now that Carlsberg has had two life-threatening abscesses (and numerous other kinds), her wanderings are being curtailed. The humans have begun fencing in the porch, as a temporary measure until we can secure the garden. Then we can have the back door open again, and Carls can get some fresh air. Her stinking litter tray will be better off out there aswell.

Work went on until after dark. This is a serious project.

If I am feeling gangsta, I will pretend that it is a cage to stop drunks throwing bottles at us. Or maybe that it is bulletproof. Then we can sit outside and look well 'ard.


Mack said...

I am sure you are gangsta indeed!

Hammer said...

Hi Chips
We're sorry to hear that Carlsberg has had some bad abscesses. It's good your hoomans are protecting her.
Marvin and Jeannie told us about your blog. It's nice to meet you. We live in Australia. Mum battles to find the time to blog. She loves visiting everyone's blog but she is always fighting for time. We'll try to check on you regular from now on.
Love from Hammer