Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Spot the Cat III


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh that is a brilliant photo, and a wonderful hiding place!!

I have given you an award on my Blog!

love and licks to Beanz from Marvin xxxxxx

Beanz said...

oooh I read that wrong and thought you said YOU had an award on your blog. It was such a surprise when I got there! There was my name!! Thank you!

TJam says to tell you she will wash the saucepans before using them (if visitors come) just in case you were worrying.

love Beanz

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Beanz! I have no idea how your blog came to be the link 2007.....I wanted to put your link on my blog so you were in My Paw Pals on my blog and the 2007 thingy came up to be posted as a blog site!

My Jeannie is clueless with internet stuff, just learning as she goes!

All you have to do with my Award is what ever you want. Display it on your blog or give it to some other dog blogger.

We like your blog, we think it has good pics and some fun stuff. Especially the fancy dress one of you dressed as a can of Heinz Beans! Made my Jeannie laugh.

We were not sure if you wanted more exposure on the blogs, but we just love looking in on your life!

You and your Ma have the same sense of hoooomour as my Ma!

Beanz for Prime Minister we say!

Love and many licks, Marvin and love and much light from non internet savvie Jeannie in Scotland xxxxxxx

Beanz said...

That's ok, I was just wondering. As long as it all works, it doesn't matter where the link goes!!

I will put the award on my blog and give it to someone else (I have someone in mind).

We love your blog too. Poor you if your Jeannie has the same sense of humour as TJam! Does your Jeannie was a spyname like TJam? we could have a competition to make one up. Maybe us dogs could have spy names too... we should get our doggy thinking caps on


Mack said...

Are you a Beans too?
My full name is Mack Thunder Beans. Nice to meet you.
Your bloggy rocks!


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh I made some coments on your new posts and they havent shown up yet, I hope Blogger has not eaten them, or the Cat!