Monday, 28 January 2008

Writings from the Not So Sick Bed

- by Chips

Ooo I do feel much better today. I have wolfed down breakfast, dinner and tea and had a chew stick besides. I tried to persuade TJam that I needed some chips and mushy peas but she was having none of it. Meany.

TJam has been on the phone today to a Co Aww Dinator. She has put my and Beanz's name down to do Pets and Therapy (PAT). That would mean we could go and visit people who aren't allowed to have pets, like people in nursing homes or hospices.

We have to be assessed first. I should think they don't want irreverant happenings to let the charity name down. Or for us to do anything too unexpected on a cardiac ward. We have to take a form to the vet on Friday. That is the first step.

At first, TJam thought I shouldn't mention it in case we don't pass the assessment, but I said, since we have already aired all our dirty laundry in public, we have nothing to lose and at least we will raise the profile of PAT animals. Then TJam reminded me that we do still have a couple of stories (and photos) saved up for a rainy day. It is our gotcha day soon so maybe we will get to air them then.

Carlsberg has not put her name down. Although maybe she should because she is a lot of fun and she has got a lot more friendly since she lived at home. Even if her claws are a lot sharper and need clipping again. Maybe we will get her a harness. She is hours of fun, especially now she has discovered catnip. I will ask her to tell you all about it one day.


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh we were really interested to read the details of this post Chips.

Me and my Jeannie underwent the assessment for PAT (Pet and Therapy), and we both passed with flying colours.

But Jeannie had not long lost her Pa and he had been in a nursing home for a while, and she was going to be visiting old person's homes with me, & at that time she was not sure whether she was ready to do it yet.

We have put it back for a while. I must bark to her to get off her lazy bum and try it again.....

love and licks, Marvin

pee ess I am so glad you are better. Mushy peas, mmmmm my favourite!

Beanz said...

Hey Marvin, Beanz here

I bet you would make a brilliant PAT dog. When the time is right, you and Jeannie will know. Maybe that is NOW! Wouldn't it be exciting if I got through and we both started at the same time? Ha ha. Let us know where you are up to with it all

love Beanz