Friday, 29 February 2008


- by thoughtful Chips

Last night we learned off the TV that biodegradable plastic bags only biodegrade if they are processed in industrial composters because they need to reach high temperatures to break down.

If this is correct, then it is a waste of money and intention to buy biodegradable poo bags because if they go into the normal rubbish, the plastic is as bad as any other plastic.

Does anyone know if this is right?

This is not much of a comedy post, that's the truth. We might start a campaign to bury the poo, not bag it. Remove a clump of turf, push poop into hole and replace clump. It would be a lot kinder to the environment, but would we get fined?


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Not sure about this, although it is a very interesting question which has perplexed us for a while - please note the use of the intelligent word of the day in my Marvin brain there, "perplexed". I love it!

Anyhow, not sure on all this. The plastic bag stuff is worrying enough, I am walked mainly in the wild woods, so I tend to do "my business" there, so there is no need for bags. But my Jeannie always carries them in case of accidents or explosions.

Don't ask about the last word I used.

We will try and find out more about this. Thank you for posting an interesting query.

love and intelligent licks, Marvin xxxxxxxxxx

sama said...

as far as i know, biodegradable bags do just that! and i don't think i would be over-enthusiastic about burying poo - i think it's a hell of a lot more hygienic to bring it home or dispose of it in a dogbin.

it's a great post, though, and i am going to resarch this further, too!

google approves of the idea!