Wednesday, 6 February 2008

"What is it?" Wednesday

- by Beanz

If you are TJam's mum, aunt or technophobic friend, you might not know what this is about. Chips, Carlsberg and I are new to "the blogging community" but from what we see, loads of people read each others' blogs and make friends. Sometimes they do the modern equivalent of parlour games: they set each other challenges or projects which are fun and building of the community spirit.

Now that we have forayed into this new dimension, TJam hopes it is not too early for us to set a project.* Traditionally it seems to be linked to a day of the week. We were going for film friday but it is only Wednesday and we couldn't wait that long. Besides which, this Friday is special to us for another reason and there won't be room to fit a film in as well (brace yourself). Alternatively, we might just not link it to any day at all.

The challenge is this:
Recreate a film or tv programme of your choice in a film or photo and other people have to guess what it is.

This is our first attempt, inspired by my backside and the railway line**

If you were not around in the late 70s, early 80s, you might not get it. If you were, sing along and do the chorus accapelo.

* If it is too early and we have created a blogging faux pas, I'm sure the blogging police will put us right. We respond best to positive reinforcement officer.

** NB this is a model railway line and the trains do not run at this time of year. No dog was harmed or endangered during the making of this video.

PS Join in! We are not going to tag anyone, join in when you feel the urge.


Mack said...

Can I have a hint?

Beanz said...

Yes Mack. It was an american tv series about a dog that used to wander from town to town, sorting out people's problems. It wasn't known as a big dog, and it was kind of homeless.

Good on you for playing!

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

The littlest hobo!!

Oh yes, I am a child of the eighties...

Incidentally, is that the model railway at Haig Hall?

Chips said...

Hooray! Well done! correct on both counts! You are the winner. The prize is the glory of being first to answer :)