Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Dr Beanz's Analysis

- by Dr Beanz

Tjam has come stomping home today. When I questioned her, she described a scene from her post office (that is a place humans go to post letters and such like). She had been posting a parcel, when a senior citizen of a man came in (although, as you will see, not a bronze, silver or gold senior citizen). He made some small talk and got onto the subject of his passport application. I will now outline the exchange and give my commentary. Ahem:

Man: "They're slow in this post office (said in a joking way to indicate friendliness with PO staff). How long did my passport take?! They made me do my photo again." - Dr Beanz says: What, the post office rejected his photo for a bit of post office sport? Surely not!"

Man: "Yes, they made me take my glasses off! And my wife was half smiling and you're not allowed to show your teeth, so they made her do hers again." Dr Beanz says, "Ah now I'm begining to see where this is going. You are abdicating responsibility and blaming the post office for a consequence of your own making."

Man: "Blackies would have no problem though. They put you straight through if you're a blackie!" Dr Beanz says, "Woah, I didn't see that coming. Hold on while I shake myself down and analyse this. Well sir, maybe "blackies" read the passport application instructions and do it right the first time."

Dr Beanz says, "Grrrrrr"


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh my Dog, what a terrible man, certainly not someone I would like to meet. Bite perhaps though!

My Jeannie has a funny tale about Post Offices.....just before Christmas she went into our local one - the queue was stretching round the post office and out on to the street.

She only wanted some stamps for her cards but she joined the queue. She said she had been in it for about 15 mins and still a long way from being served, when the next customer, a man, went up to one of the two positions which were open, (!!)....and he started to speak.

The queue all leaned forward to hear him say "Right, I have 35 Registered Letters to send".......and each one had to be done separately.......

Jeannie said the queue nearly beat him up, but of course they were polite and very British about the whole thing, just a collective sigh. Half an hour later......he turned round once he had finished, clocked the queue, and said "goodness me, it gets busy in here doesn't it at this time of day?" and with that he left the post office.

Jeannie said he was nearly run out of the post office by the queue behind him!!

that is a terrible tale of human behaviour you gave us there, I hope there are not many like that old man.

love and licks, Marvin xxxx

Beanz said...

Hi Marvin
I suspect in our town, people would have jumped that guy. They are very good at not getting pushed around around here.

Some people are great but some are frightened. I guess they're a bit like dogs. When they get scared they look angry. I know I certainly did this morning when I saw a dog coming along the canal. I had my barking head on this morning. Of course, dogs are able to let it go and I am able to let it go and we make friends. Perhaps that is one of the fundamental differences between people and dogs. (Except Chips can't let it go between her and this dog that bit her once. But then, that is not an irrational fear or rash generalisation. She just wants to get in there before it does it again).

love to you my friend