Wednesday, 17 February 2010


One young rebel could not resist that lovely clean pair of jeans. It was just BEGGING to be tagged.

Great job B2!


Drab said...

10/10 for Artistic impression
10/10 for full 5 pad print
10/10 for working the cute look to carry it off!!


Queer ramblings said...

Brilliant! :o)

Beanz said...

Julie: he will be very proud of that score!! How's the menagerie?

Meep: oh YEAH. He am gangsta

b1b2 said...

Hi Beanz..............don't tell everyone, but I was Soooooo proud of that & when I got back to 'the pit' I 'decorated' the cream throw on the back of the settee! Not quite so perfectly...but the result was the same!!
B2 x

Drab said...

Menagerie fine, dear Burdock the cat chasing guinea pig passed away and has been buried under the guinea pig tree, Misty the foster husky pup was adopted and went to live with too other husky's, Sam and Nancy were glad of the rest but Patches the catdog was lonely with not pup to tease - enter Penny a 4wk old staffy cross who i thought wouldn't make it but 2 wks on is fit and strong, wrestling Nancy, teasing Sam and BEST BUDDIES WITH PATCHES!!
i'm not technical enough for photo's - sorry


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

ha ha! I did this once when I was younger. A neighbour, an elderly man, came along the path and he had a brand new blouson style jacket on in a very light colour.

Well, he did have it in a very light colour.........

I made a rather entrancing pattern on it for him.

Quite stylish I have to bark!

Well done B2!