Monday, 22 February 2010

New Neighbour

= by Beanz

We have got a new neighbour called Echo (pictured here with his owner). Echo is only 20 weeks old and already weighs nearly as much as me...

At the weekend, he came on a walk with us. Here he is off the lead for the first time, following behind Nero and Nerospal.

He even posed for a little photoshoot, overlooking the reservoir...
Amongst all this good behaviour, I accidentally disgraced myself by eating the bread off the fence posts that this woman had left out for the birds.
TJam says I look funny when I go on 2 legs.
Who cares what she thinks?
My back legs are not disporportionately short and anyway, who was full of lovely white bread? Not her that's for sure.


Loki said...

WOOOOW I wish i could reach that high without jumping a little bit. I'm not allowed to jump at the moment.

I like your neighbour he has a wobbly face.

Anonymous said...

another wooow here! love your neighbour. Just look at the size of those paws. Hope he stays friendly when he's "grown up". Best keep on his right side girls. Couldn't help noticing the lovely mud. Just right for paw prints.DG