Sunday, 28 February 2010

Places to Puke

Places it is ok for us to be sick:


  • flat, smooth surface, lino is ideal
  • middle of room, easy to see, easy to avoid
  • easy access
  • washable and driable

Places it is not ok for us to be sick (although we prefer it):

Features of venue 1

  • behind a curtain - hard to see
  • behind a door - easily squashed. bottom of door hard to clean
  • near an exit - only discovered as human running out of house late for appointment
  • (however, extra point for using lino)

Features of venue 2

  • behind clothes horse - delays discovery for several days
  • behind clean washing - not hygenic
  • on carpet tiles - very absorbent. hard to clean
  • bit of paper to be recycled still on the floor - absorbent. now need to be thrown out and can't be recycled.
  • under cheap dartboard. darts sometimes fall out - dangerous
  • splinters where TJam has chopped wood - pain to clear up
  • near fridge - where food is stored

We are fine by the way, and neither of us is owning up in case we don't get fed...

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