Sunday, 21 February 2010


We are moving! Our blog that is. Apparently Blogger won't let us stay here and TJam is not technological enough to work anything complicated out. So we are keeping our email addresses and this place because all our photos are hosted here (that is like, 8 years worth) but we will be updating everything at our new place (which will be our old place, just at a new address). Hopefully everything will look pretty much the same.
So, as they say on posh websites "click here to enter"
(and if you are someone that has RSS feed, which we don't understand at all, I think that will need changing, but once this move is over, things should be a lot easier)


Life With Dogs said...

Blogger won't let you stay? What is up with that?? On my way to the new place! :)

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh my goodness, now you have got my technical - NOT - Jeannie quite worried. She has not a clue why you should not be able to keep your blog address here, and says it would be stressful in the extreme if this happened to her.

She has no idea bout any of this stuff to be honest.

We will 'click here to enter' right now!

Beanz said...

Well, we used to use blogger but uploaded via FTP to our own address, but now they are not supporting FTP any more so we had to change to a blogger address. Actually, it makes things faster and easier to upload, but still, we liked having our address as, but all in all, it's all ok :)