Monday, 13 July 2009

Bready hill walking and bikes

Everything is very beautiful at the moment. Even more beautiful when people drop their picnic food and other unmentionable disgusting stuff. Beanz and I love it but TJam goes hopping mad when she sees it. We are so luck to live near walks like this.

At the weekend, we met up with Bready. We hadn't seen her for a while and she brough TJam some date slices. We did not get any.

We went out for a drive and climbed up a big hill. I never thought it would be possible in England, but we couldn't go to the top of the hill because it was actually too hot and we needed to stay near shade. Here is Bready half way up.

We made it to the pigeon tower on the first ledge.

TJam and Beanz had a little rest. They said they were posing for photos, but you don't need to lie on the ground to pose for a photo.

On Saturday, TJam needed to go and feed Silky's cats, but there was a big cycle race going on, so she had to cycle herself because a) she should cycle, not drive places and b) she couldn't get the car out of the drive because of the 5 deep river of cyclists. She cycled down the hill, against the flow and fed the cats.

She felt like a bit of a fraud coming back because she had to go with the official cyclists. She overtook a few, and even though she was only doing 2 miles and they were doing 55, it still felt good. It was also cool that the road was dominated by bikes, not cars. The motorists didn't see it like that. She could tell from the revving and gesticulation, but there are always at least 2 sides to everything. And TJam liked her side.

And a cat closer to home spent the day in the garden, with her black and white complemented by the flowers that have amazingly managed to grow.

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