Wednesday, 29 July 2009


What's this? We can't get in our travel cage? Balloons?

It can only mean one thing. TJam's nan's birthday party. TJam's mum was going mad trying to think of a decent cake decoration. Then, at the 11th hour, she had inspiration and look what she pulled out of the bag. She actually MADE this. Everyone was impressed. (I did not lick this one...)

Once the balloons were delivered, TJam came back to pick me and Beanz up and we went to the party. We were not allowed in the food tent.

But we did have an ally in crime. Cousin Xaja ate a few cherries and came and stroked us. He tasted lovely.

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Anonymous said...

well done xaja, it's a step up from mouldy pizza and slug glug! DG