Friday, 31 July 2009

Not My Week

- by Beanz

It has not really been my last couple of weeks. First I had this thing I get every couple of months. I think it is a lick granuloma, or it could become one. Or something. I have some cream for it but it does my head in. I can't stop licking it. Then I get, "Who's LICKING?" and I have to leave it alone til no one is looking.

Then, last night, I was irritated by something. TJam had a feel at my chest, in case I had a tick or similar. Brace yourself if you are squeamish. In fact, don't read on.

Still with me?

Yeah, TJam had a feel at my chest and her finger popped right into a hole in my chest! yuck.
So today, it was down to the vet where I lay down nicely on the floor to show him my wound. I got up to lick him, and he hoiked me onto the table and wrestled me flat! What was going on?! The receptionist held my legs, TJam held my head and I huffed and puffed but I knew when I was beaten. I zoned well out of there. The vet flushed and stapled my wound. 5 Staples and he ran out half way through and had to go for more :(

I zoned back in when I got off the table and was WELL pleased to get out of there.

I am not allowed to do any more than "potter" for 10 days. No walks :(
Plus I have The Lampshade. (Actually I quite like The Lampshade)

It is very peaceful here inside my lampshade. See you when I get out...


Anonymous said...

Oh Beanz, you poor thing but jolly useful for ignoring people should you so wish. Looks like a transplant except for the little black tip of your nose! DG

Drab said...

Oh dear me Beanz, we do hope your feeling much better soon.

we will email soon and tell you all the mad goings off that's been happening here since mum started working for the rescue full time!

Nancy & Sam