Monday, 6 July 2009

Pythagorus Theorum

I think that's what it is called.

Anyway, apparently, humans have to learn geometry in school. They tend to moan about it and go, "I'll NEVER need to use this!". They sigh a lot and use their rulers to flick small bits of paper across the classroom. They try to get away with drawing a straight line without using a ruler, and see if the teacher will notice.

Well, today, TJam did use a-squared + b-squared = c-squared. She actually did!! to work out the height of her porch roof! She was tempted to write a little note to the application man saying, "this is approximate because I used a-squared + b-squared = c-squared to work it out and the added it to the height of the wall, and I had to kind of dangle the tape measure to estimated the length of the roofy bit. But all in all aren't you thoroughly impressed, I just did geometry. In real life. I should not need planning permission on that fact alone." But she didn't. She just put 2.8m and acted like it wasn't a guestimate at all.


Marvin - oh and Jeannie! said...

oh my dogness, we are sooooooo totally impressed.

Geometry and algebra passed my J by totally,

so well done T.Jam with her b squared = c squared.....blah de blah.

We are truly in the presence of beauty..........and intelligence beyond our comprehension.

I may have to take to my bed now, too many big words been used here!

Good luck with the porch roof!

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxx oh and Jeannie xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

wish i knew what you are talking about. DG

Drab said...

My brain hurt just reading that!

Julie x

The puppy has gone and the kittens are back! (but only for a week)

Nancy x

Long enough!!

Sam x

Anonymous said...

Oooooh whose a clever girl then? Love to you all,


Mack said...

Wow - your mom paid real good attention in class - unlike mine!

Beanz said...

Marvin: I have followed suit and taken to my bed.

DG: don't worry, i don't think it's important.

Julie: my brain was hurting just watching.

Nancy: aww kittens. I LOVE kittens

Sam: I'm jealous

Bamgee: hellooooooooooooo

Mack: or else she just made that up to impress us