Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Home Alone 2

Trust Beanz to publish a really boring video of me doing a little bit of counter-surfing.

I am much prouder of my achievement in this film. More ingenuity and dare devilling. I did not use a stunt double. It made my carrot all the more delicious.

Yum yum


Mack said...

I am so very, very jealous of those long legs of yours!

Did you decide to hop back up on the table again after tasting the carrot?

meepettemu said...

Nom Nom Nom.

Chips said...

These legs are a gift.

and a curse.

look at the trouble they get me into!

Meep: yup. I managed 1.75kg one day before TJam got wise to how I was getting them and put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

I hope no animals were hurt during (or after) the making of this film. DG